Future readiness needs




every one of us.

We empower young people to unfold their social and emotional potential and support initiatives that help build thriving regenerative futures.

What we do

Empowering young people

We are convinced that a future worth living needs people who shape the world with inner strength and empathy.

Therefore, we work to ensure that children and adolescents unfold their social-emotional skills in all phases of their development. Why? Because it is a key foundation for their psychosocial health, resilience and creative power.

Our strategic lever: We strengthen those who accompany children. We support initiatives that lead the way to new standards for resilience in growing up. Together with our partners, we are committed to ensuring that psychosocial development is considered just as relevant as physical health and academic learning.

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Putting nature's interests at heart

We invest in (inter)national initiatives that place nature’s interests at the heart of key decisions - in business, finance, law and politics.

Our enthusiasm for nature's wisdom and achievements guides us. We strengthen and work alongside teams that already demonstrate today how our economy, our value creation and our way of life can work based on regenerative principles.

Why we are doing this? Simply because we have to get a wide range of structural changes going in our way of life and economy to create a future worth living. We believe: Only once we redefine our relationship with nature and see ourselves as a part of nature again, we will successfully shape a new tomorrow.

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Our ambition

Courage and enthusiasm inspire us, ambition and science guide us, entrepreneurial strength convinces us.

As an independent foundation we work in partnership and with a long-term approach. Uncomplicated, professional and straight forward we focus on root causes rather than on symptoms of societal challenges.

In general, we do not act alone in our funding efforts but co-fund with other partners. Building trustful relationships to those we work with is important to us.

Regardless of whether we are helping an idea find its feet or enabling the next leap of development: in partnership, we want to boldly break new ground, enable the extraordinary and make change visible.

Our conviction is that a future worth living is possible, but will unfold only through grounded relationships – to ourselves, others, and to the natural world of which we are part.

About us

alv is a family-led foundation. Working closely with its founders, Laura Haverkamp leads alv’s operations and is the first point of contact for our partners.

As a learning organization, we are very open to new impulses, exchange and learning. At the same time, we transparently state that we generally initiate our partnerships independently and that we have committed our funds long-term.

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